Using conscious lifestyle choices to salvage the #goodlife from the #cancerlife

Charity Shop

*Coming Late Summer 2017*

100% of net proceeds from the “Beauty, Brains, & Breast Cancer Charity Shop” will be donated to the organizations described in Advocacy & Community Service.

About the Artist

Michael Rhoads, father of Brandi, has utilized his 30+ year career as a welder to create a successful industrial artist specialty focusing on small to medium, modern statue decorative pieces. His functional perspective creates whimsical animal and bug designs from common metal shop items that bring joy to admirers over the creative reinvented use of the object. He creates pieces of various sizes appropriate for garden décor, mantle décor, desk décor, tchotch·ke. for home staging and decor, or paperweights.

All pieces are made from up-cycled, discarded metal.

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