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Health & Advocacy Updates Here! Read all about it!

Health & Advocacy Updates Here! Read all about it!


Rachel Platten - Up Close and Personal!
Rachel Platten – Up Close and Personal!

Dealing with my health is thankfully not all that I’ve done in the last few weeks. I’ve also participated in several Breast Cancer-advocacy events. Specifically:


  • I’ve attended and spoken at the American Cancer Society Hope Gala in Sacramento. This is the “high-roller” gala (my words, not theirs) with a who’s-who of Sacramento In attendance. I was honored to be asked to speak to the ~300 guests about my story and received very positive feedback about my words. I’m planning to write a separate blog about this event and share my speech for those interested.
  • I’ve attended the “Breast Concert Ever” in Sacramento. This was a fun night of music by Rachel Platten at an outside venue with my family. Ms. Platten’s biggest hit is “Fight Song” – one which resonates greatly with me in my fight with cancer. I’ve actually seen her live before, but at a much larger venue. This time I was about 15 feet from her and it was awesome to be so close!

    Survivor Brigade Led by a Real Brass Band at the 20’s-themed “Beats for Boob” Event.
  • I’ve attended the “Beats for Boobs” event in San Francisco benefitting Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. This was a fun 20’s themed evening where I was able to hang out and catch up with a couple of sorority sisters from college all while benefitting a cause close to my heart.

Now on to the health updates. Last Friday, I had my 6th and final (for now) infusion of the platinum-based chemotherapy I’ve been on the last few months. I spent most the weekend on heavy anti-nausea meds and resting with mom around to help with meals and chores. I can’t say it was the most fun weekend, but I always enjoy my mother’s company and greatly appreciate her willingness to help me out.

Now on Monday, I’m still feeling a bit under the weather and weaning off anti-nausea meds, but the worst has passed. The cancer in my body is not entirely gone (it never will be), but it has been reduced to a level that has my doctor comfortable transitioning me to a “maintenance” medication. This medication should be less intense on my body than chemo and is meant to keep the cancer under control while allowing me a higher quality of life.

Theoretically, this is great news. However, given that I have Metastatic (Stage IV) Breast Cancer, I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. The “maintenance medication” may keep my Cancer under control for weeks, months, or years, but at some point it will fail and I will likely be back on chemo. It’s also not without its own side effects that I will not understand the intensity of until I start it, as every person responds a bit differently. I will not start this medication for 4-6 weeks while my immune system somewhat recovers from the beatings of chemo. From there I cross my fingers, live my life, and hope like hell this medication keeps my Breast Cancer under control for as long as possible! As always, I appreciate any positive thoughts my way and will keep you updated as we go. Here goes nothin’!

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