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Happy Belated Birthday America!

Happy Belated Birthday America!
Ms. Vacaville With Her Beautiful, Bright Red Convertible

Everyone loves the 4th of July! It’s America’s birthday – how can you not? 4th of July was extra exciting for me this year, as I was a participant in the Fairfield 4th of July Parade riding in a beautiful, bright red Corvette as Ms. Vacaville! It’s fun to feel like a local celebrity for the day and the support of the community along the route. This particular parade made my heart full to see the diversity of the crowd; all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds were in attendance to come together and celebrate the wonderful country (*putting aside current political challenges for the day) we have the opportunity to live in.

I look forward to these appearances for a couple of reasons. Call me a girly girl, but having a reason to get all glammed up is kind of awesome. As an adult, I have very few reasons to wear sparkly gaudy jewelry, fake eyelashes, and fancy dresses. I’ll take what I can get and have a good time with it! On a more serious note, it serves as a healthy boost to my self-confidence to be able to put myself together after the physical changes my body has been through from cancer. It’s not been so long since I was wearing a wig and extra eyeliner to disguise my mostly gone lashes. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am now a Beauty Queen!

Also, it’s wonderful to see the other Solano County Queens. There are 13 of us total and there is really a sisterhood that builds over the course of the year reign between the Queens. They’re a great group of girls and women, each with interesting experiences, passions, and community service involvement that is always great to catch up on (and take a few pics, of course).

Ms. Vacaville With Former Mrs. Vacaville and High School Dance Teammate

The Solano County Queens act as ambassadors for the Solano County communities throughout the year and this parade is one of our primary events. I take my role as an ambassador seriously and it’s important to me to be warm and engaging, even if it’s from 10 feet away while I’m riding in a vehicle. I try my best to make eye contact with every group along the route and make sure they know I am acknowledging them specifically. The reaction of children is particularly priceless. Some are shy, but most are very excited to see a Queen and wave enthusiastically. Their smiles and excitement are contagious and it’s nice to be able to bring a positive experience to someone else’s day.

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating ‘Murica, as well. Please feel free to let me know how you spent the day in the comments!







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