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Behind the Scenes at Good Day Sacramento

Behind the Scenes at Good Day Sacramento
Getting the Signal Out

This morning I had the opportunity to appear on Good Day Sacramento during a live interview segment to talk about my Breast Cancer diagnosis, my recent pageant win, *this blog*, and how they are all related. It was the first time I’ve been to the studios, so needless to say I was pretty excited.

The studios are in a secure space near the Sacramento River. After making it through the gated entry, I found my way to the visitor entrance and check-in desk. Here I was met by one of the Good Day support staff and brought to the

Ms. Vacaville in the Good Day Sacramento Green Room
Ms. Vacaville in the Good Day Sacramento Green Room

Green Room, which is painted super fun and I couldn’t resist snapping a selfie to share. At this point, I was mic’ed up, given a final chance to touch up, and ready to go!


The actual studios are a large, open room with several set options around the room. I’m not sure why this surprised me, but it reminded me of “theater in the round”, but in reverse. The middle contained all the cameras, lighting, and other equipment while sets surrounded the room.

First they asked me to sit on a smaller side set where I would be filmed for a couple quick wave and smile segments prior to my on-camera interview. Due to my profession, I have a large volume of public speaking and interview experience so I wasn’t particularly worried about the interview, but sitting in the room listening to the anchors speak on air helped calm any nerves I did have. In a few quick minutes, it was my turn.

With the Good Day Hosts
With the Good Day Sacramento Hosts


I took my place at the table and was introduced to both of the anchors while an off-site segment aired. We chatted for a few quick moments and I was pleasantly surprised to find a natural, easy rapport with both hosts. A countdown in the studio reminded us it was almost time to be live. Cambi took over the transition and we were on! I had thought prior about the messages that were important to me to share and some of the items I might like to talk about, but I had no idea exactly how it would go or what questions would be asked. I’m thrilled with how it went – even more thrilled that I was asked to* return* to keep Good Day updated on my progress. Keep checking my blog for more details, as they are worked out.

For those of you that weren’t able to watch when it was live, I’ve got you covered. Please see the full video below:

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